Chahar Bagh a Street Gallery in Isfahan
What remains of the old street architecture of Isfahan has now become the street gallery of this city. To see this gallery, it is enough to visit the streets of Chaharbagh, the exterior of the street architecture on the wall, and the old mansions in the frame of the steeple and steep porches. Chaharbagh Street is more ancient than the arrival of cars to Iran but it is not a bad thing to know that during the Safavid period and Qajar era, this street was made up of royal gardens.

Gardens with lattice walls that passersby could see the interior of the gardens. There are many interpretations of the glory of Chahar Bagh Street and its body gardens in the travelogues of some travelers like Shardin. Gardens with beautiful courtyards that are no longer a trace of them in the past few years, however, one of these courtyards, which has been the hallway of the Nightingale Garden or the Paradise Taleghani, Kashani, Abbas Abad, and the preservation of the market, the architecture of the mansions and shops, and the appearance of the decorations early Qajar and first Pahlavi was more indicative of the entry of cars into the life Displaying civilization of Iranian images and patterns on the architecture of the exterior views of the buildings was a kind of street architecture of the city.

Now tiling and stuccoing in the frame of the buttocks and the back of the doors of these windows and doors are the most reminders of the old street architecture of Isfahan. Street decoration with tile and stucco Sometimes displayed bugs and hunts, and sometimes gardens and myths. Crossing the Chahar Bagh, you can still see the underlying layers of Isfahan's street architecture. The beautiful pillars and animal and plant styles on the forehead of the mansion of this magnificent street are the most prominent examples of Isfahan's street architecture.

Just take a look at the top of the tall trees to take up the city art frames when you walk in Chahar Bagh. Along this street, known as Chahar Bagh Abbasi, there is a lower Chahar Bagh. In the direction of this street, if you continue to walk, you will still see the Gardens have been somewhat revived, and you can see it in the eastern part of Charbagh. The arches of the Chahar Bagh school That in the night with gentle lightning doubles the beauty of the street forms the eastern body. the charming facade of Chahar Bagh school Isfahan art market is in the same position. But from the charming street architecture of the past 100 years, you will see magnificent mansions with stained verandahs decorated with gypsum, one of which is the Jahan hotel, the oldest modern hotel in Isfahan. But on the Abbas Abad street, which is one of the streets leading to Chahar Bagh a pleasant frame is displaying on the body of the Street. This tiled and bricklaying frame with two pillars of stone base is one of the most outstanding arts in the street architecture of Isfahan. In fact, this beautiful street gallery is on the wall of the oldest hospital in Isfahan called Isa Ibn Maryam that is overlooking Abbas Abad Street. Sepah Street leads you from Charbagh to Naghshe Jahan Square.

One side of the street forms the wooden fences of the forty square garden and on the other hand, you can see facades of shops with mosaic tiles filled with polygonal sculptures and geometric patterns, with adobe tiles with images of angels and peacocks. But the pictures, tiles, and other remains of the street architecture of Isfahan can be seen on other streets, which are mostly located near the city's tourist heart. Bannan baths in the street of Hafez, the tiling of the Luke church on Abbas Abad Street, the openings and open porches of the Jolfa houses or villas, and behind the carcasses of tiles and bricks on Sepeh Street are examples of this. The ancient architecture of Isfahan has undergone many changes, erosion, and damage from past to present but still, the remains of them are impressive in many parts of the city and are interesting for many tourists. So if you're traveling to Isfahan or visiting this city several times, but watching the street gallery this time in the program.

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