Rasht the creative city of Gastronomy in the world
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Guilan the country of Iran's Cuisine
Few people are found not to have tasted foods from the north of Iran. With its unique climate and abundant rainfalls, Gilan province brings various agricultural products. Such various products make various local cuisines with very unique tastes. Due to its vegetation diversity, and benefiting from seafood, and its historical background, Rasht city has its food diversity, too. Based on statistics, there are 17o local dishes in Rasht. In Rasht and of course, other cities of Gilan Province, a variety of vegetation is used to cuisine local dishes.

In addition, in contrast with other cities of Iran in which the meat sources are just beef or lamb meat or other one or two pets, Rasht has very various sources of meat and a variety of dishes are prepared by using domestic animal meat, wild birds, and fishes. In many cities of Iran, during winter due to scarcity of food sources, the variety of foods significantly decrease. However, there are about 6o local winter dishes in Gilan Province.

Due to the high variety of local dishes in Gilan Province, it is a tourist attraction itself, and make Rasht the creative city of gastronomy in Iran, then take a tourism opportunity revolving world recognition. On other hand, cookery and serving foods in local colorful clay pot dishes have a very special effect on attracting people to Gilani tables. Baghala Ghatoogh is the best-known cuisine of Gilan. This food is prepared by Pache Baghala beans or agricultural beans, dill, garlic, and egg. You must have seen such beans that are sold peeled and soaked in the north of the country, When Pache Baghala soaked, with dill, garlic, and seasoning, sautéit in oil. By adding some water and then after some minutes add eggs to the Baghala Ghatoogh. This delicious stew is served with rice. Mirza Ghasemi is another cuisine from Gilan, due to its unique and indescribable taste, exist in most of the Iranian tables.

Eggplant, tomato, garlic, and egg are the main ingredients of this dish. Its smoky taste is due to barbecued eggplants which gives a very special and unrepeatable taste to the food. After barbecuing eggplants chop them, then saute with shredded garlic and tomato. Eggs are scrambled in a separate pan, then added to the main dish. Mirza Ghasemi is both served with rice and bread. Another food from Gilan is Torsh-e Tareh, which may few people know. This nutritious stew is prepared with a variety of garden herbs such as leeks, parsley, coriander, spinach, and chard, and a kind of pickle most of which is orange or pomegranate juice. Garlic, as usual, is the inseparable ingredient of dishes from the north of Iran. Chopped herbs are cooked with a little amount of rice, then roasted garlic and spices are added. In the next step, vegetable mush is cooked in the pickle.

When the stew is prepared, eggs are added. Sir Gheliehisanother Gilani stew, whose main ingredients are garlic leaf, egg, split peas, chicken or duck meat, and a little verjuice. After roasting the meat, some verjuice is added as flavor, then in the next step split, peas are added, then chopped leaves of garlic are added to stirred eggs and then frying. After that, the combination of garlic leaves and eggs add to the meat. After some minute the stew is completely cooked.

You will experience a very different taste of Kebab by having Kebab Torsh (Sour Kebab). In order to prepare this kind of food, lye the barbequed lamb in a mixture of pomegranate sauce, grind sour pomegranate, garlic, onion, kind of local garden herb named Chochagh, olive oil, and grind walnuts for some hours. Then, broil the lamb and barbeque it on charcoal. One of the most popular flavorings of Gilani's Kal Kebab prepares from barbequed eggplant, garlic, pomegranate, pomegranate juice, a kind of local aromatic herb (Chochagh), and ground walnuts. In order to prepare Kal Kebab, chop the barbequed eggplants up then mix it with other ingredients. Aloo Mosamastewis another pure original Gilani cuisine, by having some you can enjoy both delicious tastes of sweet and sour together. Spilt peas, chicken, Qeisy (a variety of apricot), and damson are the main ingredients of this tasteful cuisine.

To prepare the cuisine, sauté onion and add split peas, then add some water and let the mixture boil enough. In another pan sauté chickens together with spices, then add it to the mixture of onion and split peas. In the end, add Qeisytogether with brewed saffron, some sugar, and sauce. Anarbij (Pomegranate stew) is very similar to Fesenjan (kind of dish with ground walnut as its chief ingredient), another Gilani dish the difference is that in Anarbij they use lamb in the shape of meatballs instead of chicken, and also local garden herbs.

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