Rosewater Ceremony
Iran as a four seasons country offers a wonderful picture of nature in each season to its lovers. At this time, all the plains of the villages of Kashan and the surrounding area are covered with colorful flowers that will intoxicate you. Thanks to nature reborn, a spectacular traditional festival also takes place from early May to late June in a few provinces, called Rose-Water Festival. Thanks to the rebirth of nature, Rosewater making is one of the most special ceremonies that is performed in Iran in May.

At this time, all the plains of the villages of Kashan and the surrounding area are covered with colorful flowers that will intoxicate you. Kashan, Qamsar, Niasar, and Meymand are the most famous cities for this festival. Local people every morning pick up roses, collect them and distill the flowers in huge pots, although a part of this process is being held within the factory today. This absorbing traditional ceremony during May and June attracts many tourists from all over Iran and the world.
 The ceremony has such a long history in Iran that even Hafiz (the most famous Persian poet, 14th century) points out to it:

In the matter of rose-water and of the rose
The decree of eternity without beginning was this:

That that (the rose) should be the lovely one of the bazar (the harlot)
And that this (the rose water) should be the sitter behind the veil (the chaste one)

This is one of the famous Iranian export products like the Carpet, Pistachio, and Caviar. Also, the Great Mosque of Mecca or Masjid al-Haram or House of God in Saoudi Arabia washes with the best Iranian Golab or Rosewater. Rose-water has also been using in beauty products including perfume and in traditional therapy as it is anti-stress and anti-insomnia. So, if you intend to travel to Iran during spring, make sure not to miss this striking ceremony whether in Kashan, Isfahan Province, or Meymand, Fars Province.

Rosewater Ceremony workshop
Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Iran
The rose gardens with different colors expanded out in all directions as far as the eye could see. You will feel like you have entered paradise. A paradise is hidden in the heart of the Iranian desert. Damask roses are covered with delicate rosy petals. This pink velvet is wrapped all over. Some are darker and few are lighter. Take breathe under the Illuminated sky with millions of stars at dusk. The scent of roses and the pleasing intoxicating smell of the garden is amazing.
Before sunrise, rural residents come to farms, group by group for Kashan Rosewater Festival. After a while, women's skirts are full of roses. Also, men's baskets. A gentle breeze permeates us with the scent of pink flowers. We go to the factory together in this almost intoxicating scent.

Rose-water festival in Iran
The Rose-water festival is one of the most popular Iranian festivals in Kashan and Iran and thousands of tourists visit this event annually. It starts at the end of May and early Jun. It is held in 14 provinces of Iran and the most famous place is Qamsar city - Kashan - Isfahan province. The Botanical Gardens of Tehran, Dodangeh in Mazandaran, Bardsir in Kerman, Damghan in Semnan, Meymand, Fars, Abyaneh, Barzok, Niasar, and Qamsaar in Kashan are among the areas where the rose-water making is being done.
Rosewater is made from a very sweet smelling kind of rose and is used in various traditional dishes and sweets. It is also used as a perfume among Muslims. Although some modern mechanized factories are constructed, still a large part of this, let say industry, is done traditionally. And this traditional rose water production which is established at homes or gardens attracts tourists to Kashan. Historical monuments and architecture of Kashan add to the popularity of this festival too.

Tourists and Rosewater Ceremony

The city of Qamsar 60 Km far from Kashan is the most famous city and the best place for this ceremony. The city that shines like a star in the central desert.
The people of Ghamsar collect roses or the Damask Rose that is the best one for obtaining and distillation of rose-water. They pick the flowers in the early morning and put and boil them in special pots and collect their extract in beautiful containers. This is the same fragrant and expensive liquid by the name Golab or Rose-water. Surrounding mountains encircle it like a ring and protect its rose gardens against the heat of the desert. The environment of this garden city, the shade of trees and sound of flowing water in addition to the music of birds and nightingales and the fragrance of roses, has created an incredible milieu on the side of the desert.

Iran and Rosewater Ceremony

The Qamsar is an earthly Paradise that gets colorful in the spring and intoxicates you by the smell of flowers in the rose-water ceremony. Production of rosewater in Iran dates back to over 2,500 years ago. At present, Mohammadi Rose is produced in Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, India, Ukraine, the US, Canada, France, Britain, and Japan. The first four countries are pioneers in the production of this flower.
Because of its extraordinary fragrance and diversity, this flower is planted in many parts of the world. The flower has applications in food, medicine, and perfume industries. We have, Mohammadi Rose flower or  Damask Rose in the provinces of Fars, Kerman, Isfahan as well as East and West Azarbaijan. The red rose, or Mohammadi rose, is further divided into seven groups: French red flower, wild rose, tea flower, miniature red flower, Bengalese red flower, and Iranian red flower.

Iran and Rosewater event

Culture and atmosphere of this festival
Golabgiri is not just a festival, as it connects agriculture with art, culture, and even religion. Golab is a symbol of Kashan and shapes the identity of the Kashani people. Rosewater is used in several ways. The Kashanis are proud to use rose water to clean the Kaaba, the most important place for Muslims. The Rose Water Festival is an important time in Kashan as it attracts many visitors. Men, women, and children from different cities come together to view, taste and buy rose products.

As you watch men and women in traditional dress pick roses and take a deep breath in the fresh village air, maybe an elderly woman comes out of nowhere and kindly offers a cup of tea with some flowers. rose leaves. A hospitable villager begins to tell you about local life in this part of the world. Plus, you have the chance to try fresh, organic rose water at traditional factories. All of these experiences put together is what makes the Iranian Rosewater Festival so much more interesting to experience.

- Why is this festival special and unique?
Participating in this ceremony let you get quantity more about Iranian events and culture or sub-culture and learn more about their daily life. On this daily tour, you can visit Kashan historical city with more than 10.000 years old history. A dream day in the rose fields and enjoying the beautiful spring weather and the beautiful aroma of fresh flowers. Nice experience of Picking flowers in a Rose garden.
Trying high-quality Persian rose water.

Why a tour?
Location: The Iranian Rosewater Festival does not have a centralized location. It takes place in many cities in Iran and also in many cities around Kashan. We choose the best rose gardens to maximize your joy.
Guide: A local guide can enhance travelers' experience. He/she knows the local culture, language, and history. Kashan is a historic city with traditional Iranian architecture. While participating in Kashan Rose Water Festival, you can travel to this city with your guide and be amazed at the many historical heritage sites.
Transport: Most rose gardens are in rural areas. It is therefore difficult to find a means of transport to get to the gardens on time. We plan this in advance and you get rid of the usual planning headaches.

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