Iran's Hot Spring, Vartoun Village
Since hot springs mostly exist in old mountains, Asia and especially Iran is one of the most important spa tourism destinations in the world. Since 2003. therapeutic tourism came to consideration of the Ministry of Health in Iran, and by 2004 and by approval of Tourism Deputy of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Organization, some plans were separately devised for this kind of tourism.

Sareyn in Ardabil Province is known as Spa Capital of Iran and its neighbor, Mazandaran Province, located in central Alborz Mountain Range, is one of the most important places for warm water therapy. Existence of four hot springs in Isfahan Province: including Vartun and Zefreh hot springs in east of Isfahan City, Segzi district, 35km Naein road: Kavir hot spring in Skm distance of Vartun village, firstly introduced by Kavir Tourism Group: Ahmadreza Village hot springs in Chadega-Tiran Road; Khurand Biabanak Village Hot Spring: all show the potential therapeutic tourism from the branch of health tourism in this region.

Iran's Hot Spring, Vartoun Village

People of Isfahan City, take a trip to less known mountains in Vartun region to enjoy the tranquility of nature and care about their health. Where in old times caravans heading toward the holy land of Mashhad came here from long distances and drowned in the healing warm waters of the flowing springs and pleasured their life. It is interesting to know that Shah Abbas I (1571-1629 AD), who was the founder of travel substructures in Silk Road and other traveling roads of Iran, left a memorial here. The Roof four vaulted structure upon the pool was built by the order of Shah Abbas I; this architecture style itself remained from the glorious Sassanid Era By May 23, 2008, Vartun Hop Springs Site by No. 22935 registered as one of the National monuments. Vartune Mineral Spring and Hot Spring include mineral hot springs, hot baths, and pools, and an old stone-made building known as the Morad pool and its Shrine (known as Abgarmi Immamzadeh). The mud of these springs has therapeutic properties and it is suitable for the treatment of certain diseases such as joint pain, sciatica, gout, muscular aches, and skin diseases. In fact, it can be said that mineral water, as natural healing medicines, is always considered and recommended by specialist physicians for various diseases. Hot Springs of this region are from mineral bicarbonate chloride and sulfate hot water, and it is useful in the treatment of diseases such as neuralgia and rheumatism, and it has a temperature ranges from 41 to 43 degrees Celsius. In order to use Vartun Spa, there are tours in the form of group recreational tours, or family tours, or educational trips for students are designed and implemented that do the reserve and other required coordination in advance.

Iran's Hot Spring, Vartoun Village Isfahan

We tend to take you to a peaceful comfort world, in a distant but close place in a world from the time of Shah Abbas l by reading this text. another suitable destination will be added to your tourism destinations and you will definitely put a time to travel to this natural touristic land. There are bathhouses in the style of the Safavid era in this region, most of which are in ruin but some are still usable for visitors. Vartun Spa includes mineral hot springs, bathhouses, warm pools, and stone made buildings known as Morad Pool and its holy shrine is known as Immamzadeh Abgarmi and beautiful rooms with traditional architectural style as well for tourist accommodation. Furthermore, the positioning of Vartun hot springs in hills overviewing Vartun to Zaefreh plain is another attraction of this site. In addition, this site has a beautiful night, and like the desert sky, you can enjoy watching millions of jewels clinging to the above sky, and spend a dreaming night in a five billion star hotel. Facilities of the site: if you intend to accommodate in this touristic site, you can use alcoves whose designed inspired by tents shapes from the Safavid era, and equipped with facilities such as electricity, heating system, and beds. In addition, it is highly recommended to enjoy having Lakhuli meals.

Iran's Hot Spring, Vartoun Village around Isfahan

Access Road:
The tourists can reach to this tourism site by three roads. Keep in mind that Gol-e Sorkh village (Red Rose Village) and its hot springs is located about 62km distance from the city of Isfahan 35km from Sistan Police Station, and 25km to Vartun Village, and you have to pass about 7km in non-asphalt road, and there are traffic signs which guides you to the site.

1st accessroad: Isfahan-Khorasgan-Segzi Kartun-Kartun Hot Springs Site
2nd access road: Isfahan-Zeinabieh-Bin Abbad-Parvaneh-Ali Abbad-Vartun Vartun Hot Springs Site
3rd access road: Isfahan-Nain RoadSegzi-Vartun-Vartun Hot Springs Site.

Iran's Hot Spring, Vartoun Village with new facilities  around Isfahan

Required Equipment:
Having complete required equipment and kinds of stuff have a positive effect on your trip quality and creates a better memory of the trip. Therefore, having a proper checklist corresponding to each trip and aim of the trip can minimize the stress and inconsistencies, and even brings you sweet memories. Following equipment are suggested for a trip to this site: Towel, slippers, warm clothes (for cold seasons), ground cloth tea flask, mineral water, health insurance booklet, match or lighter (atomic lighter is a better choice because it has more resistance against wind blow), nuts or snacks, camera to record memories, garbage bag, Non-reusable containers and utensils that are not breakable, extra clothes, sunglasses, and sunscreens, hat, and moisturizer.

Important Notes to Observe for a Trip to Vartun Spa Site:
1) If you are planning a trip, make sure you will arrive there before the darkness, because the final route after the village is without lights and not asphalted and it may not be secured at that time.
2) It is recommended to travel with more number of people, people in two cars is the best
3) Although there are a restaurant and coffee shop at the site, it is better to have food and drinking water
4) Have your identification documents, especially if you are intended to stay there at night
5) Spa ticket is very cheap, which is reduced for groups too. Reserve and do the required ordinance in advance in case of when your group is more than 8 people


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